What is your educational background?

I hold a bachelor degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering from the University Of Ado Ekit, Ekiti State.

What is your current occupation?

I am the founder/CEO of Nextwear Technology, the first wearable technology start-up in Nigeria. I am a project manager and embedded system manager at Nextwear Technology. I advocate STEM education mostly for girls, encouraging them to take up STEM subjects, thereby bridging the gender gap and increasing the number of women working in STEM related field.  I am currently developing a Smart Bra that detect early stage Breast Cancer.


What or who got you into STEM?

I developed interest in STEM while in junior secondary school. I was a member of JET club in my school, joining the JET club increased my passion for STEM because I had always wanted to be an engineer and innovator. STEM is my super power..


What is the biggest challenge/barrier you have faced as an African in STEM?

My greatest challenge is the lack of research resources. Africa is behind and carted away from STEM due to lack resources.


How do you think your background/upbringing has been beneficial in your journey/career?

I am from STEM inclined background. My parent have been supportive through my journey in STEM. They gave me the platform and opportunity to exploit my potentials.

How do you think we can start to change the narrative surrounding African contributions
to global STEM research & careers?

I think African leaders should invest in research and research based education, scale up their support for STEM education at every level. I believe these will place African in the global STEM field as a striving continent.


    What advice would you like to give to young, aspiring Africans in STEM?

    They should develop strong study skill, seek out mentors, work hard and never be afraid of failure..