What is your educational background?

BEng: University of Liverpool 

MSc: University of Liverpool

PhD (Dual PhD): University of Liverpool & National Tsing Hua University


What is your current occupation?

I am currently a lecturer/research associate at the University of Liverpool. I teach risk and uncertainty to engineers. My research focuses on developing robust medical diagnostic tools utilising imprecise probabilistic and Bayesian methods. I am also the Director of Trendi World News. Trendi world news a news channel that is powered by artificial intelligence.


What or who got you into STEM?

I have always idolised my dad who is a technical gifted engineer. This idolisation for my dad made me gain interest in STEM subjects at a young age.


What is the biggest challenge/barrier you have faced as an African in STEM?

Having to deal with colleagues from a different cultural background.


How do you think your background/upbringing has been beneficial in your journey/career?

My parents always made sure that I get the best education regardless of how much it might cost. They believed in me and supported me throughout my career.


How do you think we can start to change the narrative surrounding African contributions
to global STEM research & careers?

Getting the right people to do the research and adequate funding for research are needed to achieve this goal.


    What advice would you like to give to young, aspiring Africans in STEM?

    Dont give up. Keep pushing harder. Aim to be the best in what you do.


    Do you have any projects you’re working on that you would like us to highlight?

    I am working on a project which involves developing an actuarial medical risk assessment tool that could be used in routine NHS practices for patient diagnosis and treatment.