What is your educational background?

I have always been interested in science subjects, opted to take the science stream in both my Ordinary level and Advanced level at my former school, Marian Girls High School, Tanzania. I am currently a final year at the University Of Cape Town pursuing Bachelor of Science in Geology and Mathematical Statistics.

What is your current occupation?

Student at the University of Cape Town.

What or who got you into STEM?

Growing up, I really didn’t see myself doing anything else apart from anything STEM related. Passing science subjects played a role too.

What is the biggest challenge/barrier you have faced as an African in STEM?

As a student, especially back home in Tanzania. Most of the things we learned were mainly theoretical and not practical which can get discouraging as it becomes hard to understand some simple concepts. Also there is the belief that STEM is suitable for males and ARTs subject is suitable for women.

How do you think your background/upbringing has been beneficial in your journey/career?

My family has always believed in me so much (more than I believe in myself sometimes), this has always given me that extra push to move forward, to be better and has instilled the “can do anything”, “nothing is impossible” attitude in me.

How do you think we can start to change the narrative surrounding African contributions
to global STEM research & careers?

It definitely has to start at family level/societal level and it has to do with visibility. It’s quite easy to stick to a STEM path when you have people around who you look up to. No matter what level you are at, what you do, be someone that a person can look up to and say to themselves, “If they were able to this in STEM, I’m also able to do that and even more.”

What advice would you like to give to young, aspiring Africans in STEM?

You totally can soar to greater heights as the sky is the limit. Never be afraid to reach out to someone who has taken a similar path, people are always willing to help, all you have to do is ask.